Garry's Mod

as of now it's just a sandbox server running on gm_london. also there's like 230 addons so beware the load time and try not to be dissapointed because i told you what it was, the server name is literally "there's a lot of addons" anyways some of the addons are as follows:

Tardis, Tardis Rewrite, A ton of train things, SCars, Advanced Duplicator Doors, Better Weapons.


Minecraft - Vanilla

it's vanilla minecraft, 1.15.2. not much else to say. i don't plan on ever resetting the map but just continually bodging it to try and make it work but nothing you build is gonna get deleted so don't worry about that. for this one use port 25565 so the ip will be



modded minecraft. version 1.12.2, forge version the list of modpacks is here so download those and put them into your mods folder to get started. again, not planning on deleting this world so nothing is gonna go bye bye for a long while.