Minecraft - Vanilla

it's vanilla minecraft, 1.16.1. not much else to say. i don't plan on ever resetting the map but just continually bodging it to try and make it work but nothing you build is gonna get deleted so don't worry about that. (the world size is already well over 5GB). with the new 1.16 update, i have not reset the nether, so you might have to go a ways out before you reach new terrain.
the ip is


Minecraft - Modded

BeetleMod Minecraft Server. fancy, right? not really. anyways, the mods are here so download them and put them into your mods folder to play. the version of forge mod loader we use is 1.12.2 - here is the link to download forge, just click "install client" and hit enter and you're good to go. I recommend giving the game at least 8GB of ram, but with lowered settings you can survive with less.
the ip for this server is


Web Server / FTP

Good job! You found the web server by typing into chrome and chrome alone if you use any other browser i will personally come to your house and stalk you until you use chrome
Anyways, the web server is mainly used for storing data and knowing how old i am in days. you can access the ftp server anonymously by clicking the link on the website, but you can only download the files shown, not edit them or put your own in. there really isn't too much reason anybody but myself should use it because i'm just going to use it for school work so i can access stuff from home and at school more easily. i may add more pages to the website but for now the five you see on the nav bar are gonna stay.